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10 Craziest Law Enforcement Technologies

The top 10 most amazing and unbelievable law enforcement technologies that actually exist now to help stop crime & criminals!

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6. The PHASR
This new intimidating weapon goes by the acronym of PHASR which stands for Personal Halting and Stimulation Response Rifle. Believe or not this weapon isn’t designed to be lethal. It’s used to temporarily blind and disorient suspects with lasers from long distances. It uses two-wavelength lasers so people can be arrested easier. It was actually banned by the US in 1995 by the UN for police use but the US didn’t get the memo until 2009. The beam is focused with a collimating lens that’ll shoot out two beams directly into someone’s eyes. It’s only supposed to be used briefly to disorient someone, but you can imagine if it was used during a prolonged period it could have some unwanted consequences.

5. Anti Drone Gun
This next one is a weapon against drones and not people. With drones gaining more and more popularity, there needed to be some type of anti drone gun to shoot down these pesky little fly devices! Drones pose threats when flying over air space and over restricted areas. Law enforcement now doesn’t need any heat seeking missiles to take them out but just one of these Drone Guns to get the job done! This fires radio jamming radio waves into the vicinity of the drone in order to confuse the control system. It’s actually capable of picking out drones over 5 miles away. This is not intended for civilian use for now at least and the company that developped it is only offering it to law enforcement. If the operator chooses, the drone won’t crash from the sky, but just simply direct it to land on the ground below. So next time you think about flying a drone over area 51, be expecting these anti drone guns to be put to use.

4. Pepper Ball Guns
Have you ever played paintball before but wanted to step it up to the next level? That’s basically what these pepper ball guns are but instead paint inside the projectile, there’s pepper spray or pepper powder inside! If you thought getting hit by a paintball hurt enough, imagine getting hit by one of these! These will burst on impact and send of cloud of irritants throughout the person’s face. This will cause perpetrators temporary blindness as well as breathing difficulties. They appear to be pretty effective with a decent range too. This man we see in the photo was a robbery suspect in Denver and carrying a pipe. He was told several times to put the weapon down but refused to comply. He was eventually shot in the neck with a pepperball gun and went to the ground immediately. The pepper balls can affect the person who fires it occasionally when the cloud of pepper spray floats in their direction.

3. Dragon Skin Armor
This type of revolutionary armor is available for public, military and law enforcement customers. Its structure consists of an overlapping series of high strength ceramic discs that almost appear to look like dragon scales when you look at it through an X-ray. It’s efficiency is astonishing! During a test run on a show from the history channel called mail call, it withstood 9 rounds fired from a fully automatic AK-47 as well as 35 rounds from an MP5A3. All this protection only weighs about 6.4 pounds total. This type of body armor is now standard for police in Fresno, California after testing it out themselves. This is the type of body armor the US secret service uses, so you know it’s probably good.

2. The Snag Technology
You might have heard about the PIT maneuver that police use to end high speed pursuits but what about the snag maneuver? If you go on the website police bumper .com, you can check this new device that can successfully end just about any high speed pursuit quite safely. With the flip of a switch, cops deploy a grappling net-like device, that snags vehicles by the tire, bringing it to a controlled stop. The police would just need to position his vehicle right behind the fleeing suspects vehicle and the pursuit is over just like that. USA today reports that 5000 innocent people have been killed in high speed pursuits since 1979. And just saving one life could well worth the investment of this new product.

1.Radar Motion Detectors
You might not be able to see them, but they can certainly see you or detect you at least. You might be familiar with the radar guns that can detect how fast you’re driving, but this radar device can detect if you’re home or not. At least 50 US law enforcement agencies have access to these detection devices that’ll essentially give them x-ray vision before entering a home. Many people like to argue that this device unconstitutional if used without a warrant One of these were used in Denver in 2014, and the judges claimed that such a tool was “poses fourth amendment questions”. Each one of these cost about 6000 each to purchase so it might not be in every cops arsenal.


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