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100 Amazing Science Experiments and Tricks that You Can Do At Home Part 2 (Compilation)

HooplaKidzLab brings to you the second 50 amazing science experiments from the 100 Amazing Science Experiments series. Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hooplakidzlab

00:13 Blowing CD Bubbles
01:46 Rubber Band Watermelon Challenge
04:23 Where is Gravity
07:28 Smartphone Macro Lens2
11:12 Twist In Time
15:43 How to draw in 3D
18:30 Invisible bottle
20:07 Matchbox Microphone
22:58 Rainbow Snake Bubbles
26:24 Glowing Baloons
28:32 Fireworks In A Glass
31:18 Bending Water
32:29 DIY Smartphone Speaker
35:22 Boil Water with Ice
38:03 Sugar Magic
39:17 Amazing Balancing Coins
41:27 Growing Eggs
45:17 Chemical Chameleon
46:47 Does Mint Really Cool Things Down
48:22 DIY Projector
50:54 Explosion That Sparkles
52:14 Funky Fountain
55:15 Flaming Candle See saw
57:47 Experimenting with waterflow
01:01:40 Dancing Ghost
01:04:13 Hidden Holes Bottle Trick
01:06:50 Walking Through paper
01:09:42 Potato Peeling Life Hack
01:12:23 Ghost Marbles
01:15:29 Invisible Flower
01:17:19 How Much Gas Does Your Favorite Beverage Produce
01:20:19 Water Race
01:23:17 The Power Of Limes
01:25:41 Weather Vane
01:30:30 Gobstopper Candy Science
01:33:19 The Science of a Plasma Ball
01:34:41 The Battery Train
01:35:46 Copper Electrolysis
01:38:34 Touch Screen Phone Stylus life hack
01:41:15 The Power Of Bleach
01:43:16 Hot Ice
01:45:33 Electric Eels
01:48:19 Coin Battery
01:52:10 Static Flyer
01:54:15 DIY Glow Stick
01:55:52 Neodymium Magnets and Copper Pipe
01:56:56 SodaCan Jump
01:58:11 Tea Bag Rocket Science
01:59:25 Diving Ketchup
02:01:19 How To Fit a Balloon in a Bottle

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