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20 Questions I Have for New York Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks are upon us again and this time I have a lot of questions for them. It’s is one of the oldest traditions in the industry, and yet, it’s in serious need of a reboot. It reaches so many people and is known to be very influential, which is why this change is necessary. Sustainable and ethical fashion shouldn’t have to be a niche within the industry, it must be a standard. A standard that can only be upheld by consistently asking vital questions.

Notice how I didn’t answer any of these questions for you. I encourage you to wonder for yourself in search for answers and even ask your own questions.

Leave me a comment with your own questions you have for Fashion Week, New York and beyond! Hope you have a great weekend. Stay curious! Xx

I messed up quite a lot making this video, laugh with or at me in the bloopers here:

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My Questions:
1. Who can afford your clothes?
2. What kind of materials and fabrics are your clothes made of?
3. Are these materials biodegradable?
4. What is the projected lifespan of your clothes?
5. Is this going to be mass produced?
6. What kind of dyes did you use for your collections?
7. How did you dispose of any excess fabric or dyes?
8. Are you aware that any dyes disposed of improperly can have a serious negative effect on our oceans?
9. Were any of these clothes made in other countries?
10. If yes, did they get paid fairly?
11. Are your collections size inclusive?
12. Are the clothes handmade?
13. Did you use any animal materials when creating your collections, like fur, silk or leather?
14. What beauty brands are you using on your models?
15. Are they cruelty-free, vegan or organic?
16. What do you expect to happen to your clothes when they go out of trend?
17. How long did it take to make your clothes?
18. Do you know how many seasons there are in a year because I don’t think you do.
19. What’s the point of trying to create trends when they change faster than the time it takes for me to explain to someone how to correctly pronounce “Givenchy” and “Hermes”?
20. What is the most polluting industry on Earth? Oh, right. That’s you.
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