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In today’s increasingly digital marketplace, consumers are spending more of their retail dollars in online stores. More and more, online shopping is including clothing purchases. Once thought to be only something one could do in a retail store with the ability to try on clothes, women realize that they can expand their wardrobes with fashionable and flattering styles without leaving the comfort of their homes. However, not all online clothing shopping experiences are alike. Consumers need to be aware of store policies and plan ahead to make the most of their online clothing shopping spree.

Measurements Matter

Anyone who has ever shopped for women’s clothes can understand how a size 10 for one designer would be an 8 or a 6 for another. Adding items to an online order based on the size is not a good idea, and will likely end up with ill-fitting clothes that need to be returned. When purchasing in a brick-and-mortar store, this is not a big deal because clothes can be tried on before they are purchased. With an online purchase, clothes are purchased without the benefit of a fitting room. Reputable online retailers will provide clothing measurements by size to assist their customers in selecting the proper sizes.

How to Measure

Ideally, an individual can have their measurements professionally taken, which can be done in a clothing store or by a local seamstress. Alternately, a friend or loved one could perform the measurements if a professional is not available. Be sure to stand normally and not suck in or attempt to stand taller than normal. Inaccurate measurements could result in ill-fitting clothing. Men will want to measure height, waist, and inseam. Women will want measurements for their bust, natural waist, hips, and inseam.

Return Policies

Because online purchases are not seen ahead of purchase, it is particularly important to be fully aware of an online retailer’s return policy ahead of time. There is a good chance that some items will need to be returned, and customers will want to avoid any surprises by understanding the policies ahead of time.

Ready to Shop

Once an individual has had accurate measurements taken and has read and understands the online store’s return policy, they are now ready to click here for more info. Enjoy the online shopping experience.

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