Look Great With Carefully Chosen Jewelry & Fashion Clothing

Jewelry and clothing are meant to compliment each other, not fight for attention. Consider a partnership involving jewelry & fashion. The fashionable clothing can act as a stage setting or background field for attractive pieces of jewelry. A classic dress or sweater can look entirely different depending on which pieces of jewelry are chosen and which fashion accessories are worn with it. A low cut dress can be made to look more demure with the addition of a jacket, a scarf, or the correct jewelry.

Partnering Clothing and Jewelry

Those T-shirts, turtlenecks and basic blouses are popular because they can be dressed up or down. That basic sheath in black or a neutral color has many uses but can be boring if it is not dressed up with scarves or jewelry. A well-cut, good quality jacket can completely change the look of that plain, serviceable dress. Then that fun, bright colored blouse or dress can be toned down with the correct accessorizing or celebrated with a fun collection of necklaces and chains from the right jewelry collection.

The same dress can take a person through a tough day at work and into an evening with friends with a slight change in accessories. The dress can be worn with a business-perfect jacket and understated necklace during the day. Then, the person can step into the lady’s room and change out the jacket for a shawl of bright colors and more strands of jewelry for a party kind of look. Makeup can be changed to match the new look, and the person does not even have to go home before joining friends for an evening out.

Choosing A Collection Of Jewelry

Choosing the right collection of jewelry is important to successful fashionable dressing. Find a few jewelry designers with good quality, well-designed jewelry collections and slowly build up a collection of mix and match pieces. A combination of local and online jewelry suppliers can work. Local places for instant gratification, and online suppliers for more choice. Good quality pieces using precious metals and jewels look better and last longer. Choose a collection of jewelry to compliment one’s clothing and work for different moods and settings. Go to the website for more jewelry information.

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