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Android: Skip Ad

We collaborated with Google Creative Lab to create an epic pre-roll video and two TVCs for the Android “Be Together. Not the same.” campaign.

Google Creative Lab came to us with this wonderful idea of a tongue-in-cheek play on the very nature of the Youtube pre-roll video: a 7 and a half minute extravaganza featuring more than 100 animated characters from the Android universe.

In what seems like a never ending pre-roll ad, the Android characters – instead of trying to make the viewer watch the video, actually seek the most surprising and imaginative ways to convince you skip the video. The longer you watch without skipping the more outrageous the video becomes, resulting in a climactic ending.

In addition to the epic skippable video, we also created two more TVCs for the campaign:
“Block Party”: https://vimeo.com/nomint/blockparty
“Phone Drop”: https://vimeo.com/nomint/phonedrop

Client: Google Creative Lab
Production Company: NOMINT www.nomint.com

Creative Director: Yannis Konstantinidis
Head of Production: Marilena Vatseri
Animation Supervisor: Matt Landour
2D animation: Michael Towers, Matt Partridge, Chris Cray, Cako Facioli, Alex Potts, Stephen Vuillemin, Nefeli Petika, Iria Lopez, Dani Negrin, Bali Engel, Kate Sullivan, James Hatley, Conor Ryan, Carlos de Faria, Richard Smithson
Sound: Huma-Huma

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Viewed: 5621


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