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Twitter Mobile App Promotion

Likes: 494 Viewed: 14924 source

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Mobile Year in Review 2010

2010 yılı mobil gelişimi raporu. Original from: http://www.mobilefuture.org/ Likes: 279 Viewed: 7444 source

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Probe Technology Breakdown – Oscilloscope Front End Design (part 6)

Learn how probes are designed! Learn about acquisition board layout and ADC infrastructure! Click to subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/Scopes_Sub ◄ Part 1: What is an Oscilloscope? Part 2: Hardware Layout – What’s Behind the BNC? Part 3: Attenuators and Preamps Part 4: Signal Offsets and Filters Part 5: ADCs and Acquisition …

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Watch these mighty, morphing robots in action | Science News

New Roomba-like robots latch onto each other with metal clasps and merge their “nervous systems” to become bigger, centrally controlled bots of various shapes and sizes. In this video, thirteen robots start out as individual machines, each acting as their own “brain unit” (as indicated by their red glow). Then, …

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Lacta Mobile App – English

Write your own love messages and see them appear on a real Lacta chocolate bar though this new augmented reality, mobile app! https://apps.facebook.com/lactamobileapp/ Likes: 210 Viewed: 394307 source

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WORLD RECORD – Fastest Building Record – Unbelievable Construction Technology

Late in 2011, a 328-foot-tall, 30 storey tower called the T30 appeared in China’s Hunan Province, seemingly from out of nowhere. The skyscraper was built in only 15 days, at a fraction of the typical cost. The same Chinese company that built the 30 storey tower in 15 days did …

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Bookling Mobile App

Download Bookling from the App Store : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bookling/id1028400679 Vist is our Website: http://misterbumbles.com/bookling/ Likes: 550 Viewed: 28631 source

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