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DIY Science: Is the 5-second rule true?

Eureka! Lab takes on the question: Is the 5 second rule true? To find out, we need to do some science!
Four blog posts accompany this video (click for more):
Here’s how to test the five-second rule: http://bit.ly/5secondrule1
The five-second rule: Growing germs for science: http://bit.ly/5secondrule2
The five-second rule: Myth busted?: http://bit.ly/5secondrule3
The five-second rule: Microbes can’t count http://bit.ly/5secondrule4

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Thanks so much to Explainr (http://www.explainr.org/) for helping us make this video, to Iain Sawyer at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science for his help with experimental design, and to our wonderful crowdfunders who made it all possible! And of course, this video would never have been possible without Society for Science & the Public and their support!


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