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Google Dialer for Android

Upon arriving at Google I was immersed in what would later be called Material Design. I helped develop much of the initial motion language and depth story. I also created some of the first iterations of how apps would transition and move following material principals.

I was then given the opportunity to lead the UX, Visual Design and Motion Design for the Google Dialer app. My responsibility was to create a fresh new look for the Dialer app with an all new visual feel, refined interactions and thoughtful transitions. Specifications were created for engineers to aid in implementation and we collaborated to produce a prototype for Google I/O and the final shipping product for Android’s Lollipop release.

This video is a highlight reel of various aspects of the Google Dialer app experience. The Quick Contact card was designed by Allen Lau. All 2D animation and comping was done in After Effects. The 3D shots were done in Cinema4D with Octane Render. Audio is an edit of the C2C track Delta of their album Tetra.

Special thanks to the Material Team at Google. There was an immense amount of collaboration and support across all disciplines that helped make it a success.

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