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Is Scientism Harming Science?

What is Scientism? This idea is not new and has been around for hundreds of years, but it may be having an adverse effect on how science is perceived by the general public.

This hangout will discuss the effects of scientism on science, and we will carefully define what we mean by scientism and science, they are not the same thing. We will delve into what scientism is, what science is, whether scientism has an adverse effect on science with regard to its image in the public eye.

Does scientism breed distrust with science and scientists? Why is it so easy for pseudo-scientific ideas to take root (flat Earth, NASA hoaxes, etc). Is this due to a general distrust among the public for science, or is it the message that breeds distrust and not the science itself.

Please join Tony Darnell and Thomas Burnett, a science writer and Assistant Director of Public Engagement at the John Templeton Foundation to discuss these issues.


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