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Legendary Moments in Science

Dr Karl will discuss the science of why people talk more loudly when they are drunk, how shouting at a hard drive will slow it down, why air-con is sexist, how to work out pi with a shotgun (certainly useful in the Zombie Apocalypse, when scientific constants have been lost, but shotguns are an essential tool), how it’s perfectly fine to water plants in the midday Sun (no, the water droplets won’t burn the leaves), the world’s oldest complaint letter, how we tipped the Earth off its spin axis (ever so slightly) with Global Warming, how your backyard compost pile generates thousands of times more power than the Sun (both on a mass-for-mass and a volume-for-volume basis), how he won an IgNobel Prize for his ground-breaking work into Belly Button Fluff and why it is almost always blue, and tips on how to travel in the Australian Outback and not die.

Get your VIP tickets to New Scientist Live on SEPT 29: http://ow.ly/N5xE30eQ1WI


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