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Pretty Pretty “Hi Fashion” (feat. Meli)

Pretty Pretty “Hi Fashion” (feat. Meli)

Recorded at Rancho V’s Skyline Studios in Pioneertown, CA. All Rights Reserved by Artists 2017.

Director: Jonathan Bookalill
Model: Sarah Deanna
Producer: Rocco Gardner
Hair & Makeup: Laura Raczka

US-based artists came together with Escape Productions to produce ‘Hi Fashion’, a whimsical and haunting tune that will stay with you far beyond its final chord. They came together at Rancho V for the Mixmag and Smirnoff Sound Collective artist retreat, the experimental group produced material inspired by the unique atmosphere. The collective consists of rotating producers, artists, writers and DJs.

The debut song is performed by Joseph Ray of NERO, Amtrac, vocalist Andrea Meli, Nikko Gibler of Ricosheï and Rocco Gardner of Hot Trash. Together they offer up ‘Hi Fashion’, written by the collective along with help from MK, (Marc Kinchen) who spent the day with the crew and helped add his own flavor.

With a deep, captivating bassline, smooth atmospherics and steady rhythm, the motif allows for MELI’s intense vocals shine through. ‘Hi Fashion’ embodies the jovial nature of the team behind it and showcases their detailed and layered production work.

The concept – showcasing and celebrating diversity in electronic music by bringing together new artists with prolific mentors to hangout and put their collective talents together to create new music inspired by this dreamlike location.

After a multicolored sunset, dusk descended to reveal a night sky that made you certain you could touch the stars. Under these conditions, it should be no surprise that this group were able to create something special. The companion video featuring model and author Sarah Deanna, was shot and directed in a film noir/ Sin City style by fashion photographer Jonathan Bookalill. The downtown Hollywood streets provided the perfect backdrop.

Situated on 150 acres of incredible desert landscape, Rancho V has a diverse and surrealistic range of accommodations, roaming pygmy baby goats, Winston Churchill the dog, doorways to nowhere and random airstreams that dot the compound.

Special thank you to Mixmag and Smirnoff Collective for bringing everyone together.

Listen here:

Learn more about the artists here:

Find more information about Rancho V/Escape Productions here: or contact Erica@revelcollective.com

Further info:
Mixmag: danielle@mixmagmedia.com
Label: info@esca.pe


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