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Science Box 5: How PLASMA Is The State Of Matter’s BOSS

How PLASMA is the state of matter’s BOSS

In case you didn’t know, PLASMA is one of the states of matter besides SOLID, LIQUID, and GAS. You have ice cube as SOLID. If you heat it up – the ice cube will melt and dissolve into LIQUID. Continue to heat it up, the LIQUID will slowly evaporate, transforming into GAS.
So what if you continue to provide heat into this GAS? You will create PLASMA. Moreover, PLASMA is the first state of matter in the universe because 99.9% of all visible matter in the universe exists in the state of PLASMA.
The sun is a giant PLASMA; stars are also luminous sphere of PLASMA.
The lightning strikes during rain, or the magical phenomenon, aurora, are also PLASMA.
This Science Box will help you know more about PLASMA as well as answer the question “How PLASMA is the state of matter’s BOSS?”

Voice Credit: Troy W. Hudson

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