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Science & Technology of Longevity Part 1 – Vincent Giuliano (June 2016)

“The Science And Technology Of Longevity” presented by Vincent Giuliano PhD on June 26, 2016.

This talk is in two parts:

1. An overview of the science related to aging: where we are and where we are not, and

2. Science-based actions and interventions for extending health span and lifespans, with focus on the personal and practical.

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Part I: The science

· the nature of human biology – the most complex system of systems known in the universe.

· Societal and personal stakes related to aging – why it is so important to crack open a deep understanding of it

· Multiple interacting biological feedback loops – the challenges they pose

· Why no single blockbuster anti-aging breakthrough is likely

· Why billions are repeatedly spent on clinical trials for drugs that won’t work

· The epigenetic drift to longer lives

· Leading theories and causes of aging – all mostly right, all incomplete

· Tribes of scientists who talk about aging – a tower of babel

· Limits to the scientific culture of reductionism

· Biomes and circadian regulation

· Metabolic pathways – linking them with others

· Things that can go wrong with aging: protein misfolding, intra-cellular railway breakdowns, NAD deficiency, mitochondrial breakdowns, etc.

· DNA wierdness – non-coding RNAs, transposable elements, aneuploidy, etc

· Towards a unified theory of biology and aging

Learn more about Vincent Giuliano by visiting his website at:

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