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Science & U!: September 2017

This month on Science & U!:

Technological advances have led to many interesting cultural behaviors. For example, cell phones gave way to the selfie, so what’s next? Tinabeth Piña went to Doob USA to get her own selfie, in 3D.

Prospect Park is finding a way to be even greener. Composting already exists all over New York City but not like this. Andrew Falzon discovers a bathroom in the park that is composting human waste into clean and usable soil.

Jumping out of a plane may be a little too risky for some but if you head over to iFLY in Yonkers you can get a similar feeling. Ari Goldberg learned the physics of Bodyflight from just five feet up.

The Brazilian Martial Arts of Jiu Jitsu is meant for smaller individuals with less strength to be able to defend themselves. Fortunately for them, science is on their side. Lisa Beth Kovetz heads to the Renzo Gracie studio in Astoria to see how these fighters use science and math in self-defense.

It’s amazing what can be done with glass, from sculptures to bottles. Mike Gilliam visited Brooklyn Glass to see first hand the process of making glass, blowing glass, and the making of neon signs.

For More Information:

Doob (Tinabeth Piña)

Composting (Andrew Falzon)

iFLY (Ari Goldberg)


Jiu Jitsu (Lisa Beth Kovetz)

Renzo Gracie Astoria Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Bjj NO GI and Submission grappling in New York

Glassmaking (Mike Gilliam)

Taped: 08-08-17

Science & U! explores the world of science, taking the headlines and information you need and showing its importance in our everyday life. From technology, research and health to kids, humor and the arts each program explores these topics in clear, concise and engaging presentations designed for audiences of all backgrounds and ages!
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