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Science’s 10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

Some of the greatest questions of Mankind… (HD – 03/2012)

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Note : I didn’t say that we use 10% of our brains but that “People often say we only use 10% of our brains”. Just a popular saying to put in relief the fact that we’re not using our brain’s full potential. These 10% could also be referred to the active use. There are some basal activities always functioning, such as vision processing, detecting changes in sensation, hearing. But for tasks like driving, your motor and vision cortices will have more blood flow and activity (which might comprise of ~10% of the whole brain) because while driving, you can’t paint, or be creative and at the same time think and solve a complex math problem etc.
The quote “it would sure seems like an awful waste of space” is from the movie Contact and not from Carl Sagan, contrary to popular belief.

Music credits :
“Photographs”, by Team Beck MCS.


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