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Things to do in Tangier, Morocco

If you are looking for the best cities to visit this summer in Morocco, there are many options you should definitely need to take into account. As it is known, there are cities for all people: since quiet cities until noisy cities and people seem to be happy about staying in any Moroccan city.

As a good recommendation, if you already visited Fez, you should visit Tangier. This amazing city is multicultural and this is a great thing to consider when staying in another country. Also, it has been in a modernization process so it has the best of the modern part and the fancient part, and this makes this city as a unique destination for your new trip.
There are many museums and historical places you can visit if you do the Morocco Tour in Tangier. There is a curious place that many people visit and this is the American Legation. This place is going to be extra fantastic for Americans as this is an American embassy, many people did not know that there was an American embassy located in Morocco and there is one. Actually it works as a museum and you need to pay in order to enter, but it is well maintained and it is beautiful on the inside. If you are American you cannot lose the chance to visit this place and learn more about history and also take a look at the architecture here.
If you are in Tangier, take a chance and visit the most famous places like the Kabash Mosque, Grand Socco and Petit Socco. Also you can go to the souks – as many Moroccan cities has souks and start bargaining, you never know that kind of offers you will find here and you may get things in excellent prices. Another famous place to visit in the Morocco tour is the Hercules Cave which is a wonderful experience if you have the opportunity to have a local guide that tells you the story about this place. Now that is open to people, it is a famous place to go and the best thing is that not all people visit this caves you will not find a crowded cave. Also, this is not a place you will spend so much time visiting so you can plan a short trip to this place and be ready to look at the beautiful views you will find in here.
As an activity that could never be missed is visiting the Medina. This is one of the chances you get to see how Moroccan life is and just accept the challenge of visiting this place, you can easily get lost and you can get tired if you do not like crowded spaces. Sometimes it can be a little dirty or messy, but it is still a great place to visit. It is colorful and beautiful, there are many things to see and many people to dodge, but it is definitely worth it!

If you are interested in religious places, you should definitely go to St Andrew. This is an Anglican church located in Tanger, with a beautiful garden well maintained and also a cemetery. There are some English characters buried in this place and the Arabic architecture is great to see here. This is not a place that is listed as the most visited place in Tangier but many tourists tell that they found this place and it was so curious that they could not visit leave this place without visiting, so if you have free time you can visit this place and look around.

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