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Watch Bella Hadid and The Weeknd’s AWKWARD Run-In During Fashion Week

Ok, I know yesterday we told you that high profile exes The Weeknd and Bella Hadid ALMOST had a run in in Paris! Whew, close call, right? Well, they actually DID come face to face today!

Was it awkward? um yea, it was WAY awkward. We can only IMAGINE what they were thinking however.

See, Bella is currently in Paris for Paris fashion week walking in show after show. The Weeknd is currently in Paris for paris fashion week too – performing at shows. And yes, the singer just so happened to be performing in the same exact show his ex was walking in. Today Bella took part in the H&M Studio spring and summer show. The 20 year old model looked stunning as she walked in a black ensemble. Moments after she left the runway, her ex the weekend took the stage to perform his hit song, Nothing without you.

Whew, well that was close. Bella narrowly missed her singer ex. Except she didn’t. ALL the models came out for the final walk, including bella, and the weekend was still on stage.

B roll1: 05-12 Bella was clearly aware of the situation. The model lead the the others back out onto the runway, and shot a telling look to her ex. No smiles what so ever. B ROLL 2: 00-07 Bella’s sister Gigi, who was holding her hand whispered what we THINK were words of encouragement, because bell’s face said it all. B ROLL 1: 49-55 (the end of my phrase) The models all circled back to dance to the weekend’s song, which we’re assuming was SUPER weird for bella. Gigi grabbed her sister and gave her a big hug as all the other models began dancing. They stayed in the back of the crowd.

so yea. So uncomfortable right? I mean, This actually isn’t the first time since their split last november that work has brought them together – but the weekend wasn’t dating selena gomez back then.

You’ll remember that just weeks after their shocking split, bella walked in the victoria secret fashion show – right past the weekend as he performed. She shot him a sly smile. Things were quite different this time around. The weekend has moved on to another woman and bella just revealed to Teen vogue that she quote, will always love him.

So naturally, their run in this time was a bit more awkward. But hey, gotta hand it to them both for being professionals, right? Do YOU think the encounter was strange? let me know in the comment section below

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